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About Us

Our names are Exelee Budd and Isaiah Ruiz, we were both born & raised in Southern Arizona. We are passionate about animals, gardening, herbs, cooking, sharing knowledge, and helping others.

Exelee's current goal as a coach is to guide you towards your wellness goals, with the intention of one day reaching a point where you don't need her guidance anymore. She makes each coaching plan personalized & unique by using the information that is shared in the first consultation. Therefore, every suggestion made will be with the individual in mind.

She specializes in guiding individuals towards their goals inside and outside of the kitchen, whether it be experimenting with new recipes or implementing mindful self-care techniques. We all struggle with the art of self love sometimes, and she hopes to help others find sustainable ways to keep their body in touch with their mind and soul.

 Exelee believes that people at any stage of life would benefit from knowing more about the relationship between their body, their diet, and the world around them. If you are seeking guidance in any of these areas of life, you are welcome to schedule a consultation with her. I look forward to a journey together of finding new ways to reach all your nutritional and wellness goals.

Exelee's Education & Certifications

Earthship Academy 2021-2024

We are current students at Earthship Academy learning sustainable architecture methods, which has been a dream of Exelee's since 2014. 

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts  2018-2020

This is the institute that she attended to complete a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner certification with a focus in Natural Food Culinary Arts.

Patagonia Union High School  2014-2018

This is the local high school where I earned my high school diploma. I attended PUHS for all 4 years, was involved in agricultural extracurriculars, served as a member of student govt., and graduated 3rd in my class. 


Sonora Sanctuary's Founder 

 ~ Exelee Budd ~ 


The Purpose of Sonora Sanctuary

Sonora Sanctuary's current purpose is to serve as a part of the support system for members of our community as they navigate a lifestyle transformation, and to serve them with the best information, recipes, and resources available.

​The future of Sonora Sanctuary is changing the world with alternative ways of eating, cooking & existing. To accomplish this, each individual will be treated with the utmost respect for their journey. This is so each client can choose to start shifting their lifestyle habits with confidence... creating ripple effects in other individual's lives along the way.

This is the vision for the future of our business because we believe in the potential of humanity. We will continue to strive to do our part in making the world a better place from the work we leave behind.

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